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CREDOXA LTD – The partnership for all, caring for each one.

Cooperation with CREDOXA LTD by using the partnership is a new round of your business development and new horizons of well-being. We provide an opportunity for each registered user to start earning online even without personal investment, which undoubtedly once again confirms the accessibility, tolerance and democracy of our vision of mutual cooperation processes.

An important aspect of the effectiveness of the Referral program is the correct applying of advertising materials and the usage of its own unique referral link. Partner materials, as well as a referral link, can be found in your own personal account, in the Referral section. It is important to understand that only direct user registration using your referral link for this is guaranteed to ensure that this user is correctly vested for you as a personally invited referral. What will subsequently become an occasion for receiving referral rewards whenever this referral will invest in our company.

For any investment made in our company by your personally invited referral, you will receive a partnership reward of 5% of the principal amount of the above investment. Use promotional materials, referral links and other legitimate promotional methods and your partner structure will start to bring you stable and high income day by day.